hi, hi, blueberry pie

i am an animation student and i sleep for 17 hours straight. welcome to my blog <3

time to go back to work….

Making up those missed inktobers after a hetalia binge. i forget how old this fandom is sometimes—-keep going strong!! 

scribbled the first pose I saw on pixellovely

I’m trashhhh!!! I skipped so many inktobers!!!—— I swear I’ve been super busy for school, here’s some scribbles from trying to nail down designs for a 4th year film—-

I’ll make up the missed inktobers somehow

I made tiny pies!!! :D happy early thanksgiving!! and happy reeeaally early thanksgiving if you’re american

WHen i think halloween, I think spoopy and cat girls… so in spirit of halloween, here’s my second inktober draw!

Anonymous asked:
If you don't mind my asking, what program do you use to make Crestwood Cop? I just started following you and I didn't know if or where there was an FaQ so I thought I'd ask. It looks really good, and I've been trying to find a manga program for a long time! Thank you for your time~

Thanks so much for checking out crestwood cop!! I really appreciate it.
I use Krita for all the inking and screentoning, I find their ink sketch brush is really great at giving everything a traditionally inked look. You can get the free download at krita.org
The text, borders and everything else is done in photoshop.

bouzingo asked:
My friends bought all your none pizza left beef pins at FanExpo this weekend. Haven't met you but you sound like a joy~

aww really?! tell them I’m super flattered! :> 

Hi there Yolanda! We met at Fanexpo this weekend. My friend was the fem America cosplayer that was with me. It was really nice meeting you, thank you again for the commission of Spain you did for me I love it (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

It’s youuuu! I remember you guys!! :D It’s so nice meeting you too! I’m still hyper excited about the whole thing…ahhh and I’m glad you liked the doodle, it was so fun to do >u<, I think I’m def going back next year if I’m still in toronto! maybe we’ll meet again haha